Importance Of Human Rights Essay

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Human Rights tend to play a critical and important role in our country. These rights were known as natural laws in the beginning. They were defined as unwritten laws, and that left confusion with the people. People with more power did not want certain people to have rights. Time gradually passed which led to the creation of the Magna Carta, US Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Human Rights was finally established and documented. Human Rights are rights to the people despite gender, race, or religion. Human Rights are broken into many different aspects, and one of the important aspects is Women’s Rights. This is a significant right because of the changes it has brought to our country.
Women have battled for equality in the United States for ten decades. The fight has been going on since
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Today women are major figures in the educational field, with numerous high ranking officials holding national positions in education. Historically, it was up to the family, or elementary school to school the girls, or women. Some institutions did not even offer acceptance for the women. Women kept fighting until the government dealt with them in every aspect of American culture. Women were being accepted into to schools and colleges with no hesitation. The population for women in colleges increased at a rapid rate. Women were given the right to strive for any profession that wanted to obtain. This also caused a development for all women institutions. Such distinguished all-women institutions are: Spelman College, Wesleyan College, and Agnes Scott College. These mentioned institutions and others that were not gave opportunity, for the then restricted women who wanted education. Education today is heavily influenced with women who are superior in education with various degrees. But without the forerunners who fought hard for their rights for an equal education they would not be the same today, or possibly a

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