Essay On Meninism

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Recently there has been an uprising movement, specifically on social media such as twitter, known as Meninism. Meninism (the followers best know as ‘meninists’) is basically the anti-christ of feminism, an ignorant plea for a couple of laughs from the epitome of uneducated men and boys. The internet is becoming an easy access platform to generate warped, jeering ideas based on the real issues of feminism, generating rather appalling messages. Many males, and even some females are supporting this movement, by purchasing apparel that has “meninist” sayings on the, by using the hashtag “#Meninist or #YesMen, or simply by following the meninist accounts. Meninism, an atrocious mockery of feminism, is an unnecessary movement in today’s society in virtue of the fact that feminists are fighting for equality, not dominance, making light of the legitimate issues within feminism, much of the meninist comments made are made online, behind screens, and simply because the definition of meninism is used incorrectly, creating fairly outrageous mockeries of feminism.

Feminists are fighting for equality to men, a struggle women have been put through since the beginning of time. Women face inequality in almost
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Meninism is seen as a fairly new term being used to complain about women and mock the feminist movement. Meninism is actually a work used in correlation with feminism. The Raider Review wrote, “A meninist by definition is a male who “believes] in and support[s] the feminist principles of women’s political, social, and economic equality” (Johnson, 1). Fairly speaking, this shows the meninism followers’ ignorance. For one to claim they follow a political cause, but clearly not know the real definition shows pure stupidity. A meninist is actually someone who is for the feminist cause, whereas these men are speaking down to

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