Code Of Ethics In Health Care Essay

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Ethics are important in health care, specifically because professionals deal with important personal information as well as dealing with potentially vulnerable populations. In order to protect the profession from any ethical violations, many professional associations have constructed their own Code of Ethics. By investigating four standards of the Health Care Administrator Code of Ethics, one may be able to determine the importance of these standards is to everyday business practices. The American College of Health Care Administrators Code of Ethics includes:
• Strive to provide to all those entrusted to his or her care the highest quality of appropriate services possible in light of resources or other constraints
• Consistent with law and
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Many facilities, especially long-term care, have in place different means whereby residents may be able to file grievances. Such things as resident council meetings can help resolve grievances before the resident feels they are not being heard. Furthermore, there may be specific grievance forms that can be billed out as well. However, it is inevitable that someone may feel unheard. Communication failures “can contribute to breaches in quality that lead to medical injury to the same extent as breaches in technical competence” (Kinney, 2000, p.343). Indeed, if communication is not happening between provider and patient, some other tactic or switch of staff may be needed. Health care administrators need to tread these waters carefully to avoid legal and ethical situations. Continuing education is another important concept. Health Care is a changing field and as such, it is important to stay current on standards of care. There are many options to explore continuing education credits, such as a local community college. For example, Gulf Coast State College in Panama City, Florida offers health care continuing education credits on subjects like HIV/AIDs and Domestic Violence, among others (Gulf Coast State College, n.d.). By staying current in one’s field is one way for administrators to provide the best care possible to their

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