Importance Of Getting Ready For University

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With results day looming around the corner the excitement of finishing your A Level or BTEC studies and the chance to go to university is at an all-time high. However, getting ready for university is important, and there are many things that this preparation can help your first few months at higher education past more smoothly.

Textbooks and reading lists

Once you have been accepted onto your course and enrolled, you’ll receive, usually via email, information about your course and a reading list. There will be a general reading list of textbooks that may prove helpful during your studies, your first year or in preparation for what is yet to come.

Textbooks will get you through university, and you’ll undoubtedly will need them to complete coursework
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A holiday with your closest friends is a top choice for many prospective students after the summer term has ended. Usually all of the members in your group have the same stretch of freedom as you and hanging out with each other is easier than before – especially if you are attending different universities. Or maybe a holiday with your immediate family is a good idea, as it can represent a special send off before you have to become a grown up.

Enjoy your time off

A really important point to remember whilst getting ready for university is to just enjoy yourself. You have spent two years working very hard to achieve your best and awaiting the results anxiously. You deserve this time off! Have lazy days in bed, watch films, subscribe to Netflix, and read your entire bookshelf – whatever your heart desires!

Keep up to date with your course

When universities correspond with potential or accepted students there will be vital information in those emails, texts or phone calls. The university’s website will hold lots of useful material about your course, school, department and teachers which you should

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