Importance Of Gene Control

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There are several different levels at which a gene’s function can be controlled: at the level of chromatin, transcription, RNA-processing, translation, and even post- translationally. There are evolutionarily relevant reasons that might explain the levels at which different genes are controlled.

(3 points each) For each of the following scenarios, indicate which level of gene control you might expect a cell to use and a brief statement of why this type of control makes the most sense (no more than 25 words per scenario).

1) A gene in bacteria that responds to rapid changes in temperature
Transcriptional level to allow the bacteria to code for genes it needs to live in the new environment and turn off those it doesn’t need.
2) A gene important for retina development in
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Becker. I would like you to predict (clearly taking one side of the argument, yes or no) and provide reasoning for the following:

28) Would the engineered chimpanzees be cognitively capable, given the proper training, (though not necessarily willing or physically able) of grading undergraduate exams? Why or why not? Please relate your prediction directly to the biological activity of FOXP2 and the elements with which it interacts (limit of 100 words). No, the chimpanzee won’t cognitively be capable of grading undergraduate exams due to the slight DNA sequence difference between humans and chimpanzees. This slight difference could cause a mutation that would have a negative impact on the cognitive abilities of the chimp. This mutation could increase CAG repetition which could lead to a neurodegenerative

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