Rna Epigenetics Research Paper

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Things All RNA Epigenetics can do:
Variegated structural, catalytic, regulatory activities, translation of genes to proteins
Variegated RNAs to interact with other cellular machinery (DNA, Proteins, etc.) in specific ways
Alteration of RNA structure which in turn, leads to alteration of protein bindings and cellular effects
Affect gene expression by activating or silencing it
Controls transition from pluripotency state to differentiation, which allows different types of cells to be made and specialized
Cell regulation of the circadian rhythm or the physical/mental behaivors of a living organism according to their environment, affects the circadian period
Affect cell-fate decisions; mediate embryonic stem cells
Connections to non - RNA epigenetic/gene regulation: DNA/RNA Methylation and gene expression regulation; Ex: DNA Methylation = denser chromatins while RNA Methylation = Similar to "writers", "erasers" and "readers"
Alternative RNA Splicing
According to The Scientist article,
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m6a is the most common epigenetic tag linked to methylation or the silencing of gene expression. When FTO gene is silenced, m6a levels increased and therefore, when FTO gene is decreased, then there's more methylation which causes less fat-mass and obesity chances. On the contrary, when the FTO gene is overexpressed or in an abundance amount, then m6a levels would be decreased and therefore less methylation or in other words, more expression of the fat-mass and obesity.
The function of the ALKBH5 is a protein linked to spermatogenesis and FTO, which acts as a m6a demethylase or "eraser". As evident, the a decreased level of FTO causes an increase level of m6a tags that promote methylation; due to this, it can be inferred that an increased level in ALKBH5, would lead to decreased m6a tags which means less methylation and therefore, leading to production of "lesser" quality

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