Why Is It Important To Eat?

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It is important to maintain a wide rage of produce variety for consumption because of the health benefits and to not become bored with eating the same kind of produce everyday. Overall, fruit and vegetables provide little or no fat, low cholesterol or sodium and provide carbohydrates, fiber and nutrients (Applyby, 1). Most have limited calories and since they contain natural sugar, this will not mess with the consumers blood sugar levels. Since different colors of vegetables show you the nutrition profile, you can get different nutrition needs met by getting a little of each color in your diet each day (Appleby). With red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, watermelon, red cabbage, kidney beans, strawberries and beets are all going to …show more content…
The first reason is that it is more budget friendly. When produce is being grown locally, the abundance of the crop will make it less expensive (Morris, 1). When getting produce that is not in season, consumer have to pay a pretty penny for it. FOr example, packaged herbs sold in the winter are around three dollars and are offered in a pathetically small amount. Fresh herbs offered in the summer at a farmers market is around one to two dollars and you get an enormous amount. It goes back to the basic law of supply and demand, crops are in season and the consumer will be rewarded financially (Morris, 1). The second reason is the most important and that is produce will taste much better if one buys it in the correct season. Eating healthy is a struggle if the produce does not taste delicious. On the side, when food is not grown locally on a farm within its season, it will be grown in a hothouse or will be shipped from different parts of the world (Morris, 1). Transportation can destroy the quality of produce and it will not be able to reach its potential taste because the vegetables were taken away from their natural …show more content…
Each bright color has its individual job of bringing multiple health benefits. Plus, it is more enjoyable eating bright colored food for kids and adults alike. It is better to each produce in its key season rather than getting the same produce year around. The three main reasons is it is easier financially, the consumer will get better tasting food and it can bring a community together by going to their local CSA. It is important for the consumer to have fun while having a healthy lifestyle and getting prime, colorful produce can make it

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