Meditative Escape And Empowering Project: Gaining A Green Thumb)

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Gaining a Green Thumb Living in the country and passing several farms on the way to and from my home made me contemplate how rewarding it could be to have that much land and provide for my family with food straight from the earth. Gardening, for me, is a meditative escape and empowering project. Vegetable gardening can be an easy task for some. The phrase, “he or she has a green thumb” comes to mind, although most people just have a plain flesh colored thumb. I have been gardening for five seasons now and would like to share some information on how you too can gain a green thumb. To have a successful and bountiful vegetable garden you first want to pick than prepare a plot of land and finally plant and harvest your crop. When choosing a plot of land, there are some factors to consider. First, the land should be flat; as a result your crops will receive the maximum amount of sunlight during a day without obstructions, such as trees. In an addition to that water drains and disperses evenly to all of your plants on flat ground. Next you want your garden to be close to your water supply. If you can’t reach your garden with a hose you will not be able to give the garden the water it needs during those arid summer days to be …show more content…
In addition, you can effectively plant, maintain, and harvest your crop. Now you can confidently say that you no longer have an ordinary fleshy thumb, but a vivacious green thumb. Each year you will learn new tips and tricks through experience. Keeping records can help keep track how long it takes a particular plant to sprout and produce an edible veggie, as well as any troubles you came across so that you can tackle them head-on the next season. Vegetable gardening should no longer be a daunting task, but a pensive escape and an empowering project for you as well. Time to go and put food on your table directly from your bountiful, back yard

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