Personal Narrative: How Fresh Start Has Changed My Life

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Getting accepted into Fresh start has changed my life for the better. Everything in my life was headed downhill all at once. I was in a really tight space. I tried to be strong, but the obstacles did not stop. I struggled with keeping up with my school work, and waking up every morning was a challenge. I was not getting any sleep, due to my late night job. It was hard knowing I was fighting an uphill battle that was destine for failure. My life seem to depended on a three test, either the SAT, ACT or the FSA, None of which I could not seem to pass. I refuse to let these test take me down. Which is the reason I enrolled into the Penn Foster Fresh Start Program. Which might have been the best decision of my life. Attending Lake Gibson High School was a very frustrating experience. It was a good, fun and very lively experience in the beginning but, soon became a living nightmare. Having tons of friends and …show more content…
I already had my mind made up. I knew Fresh start was the best for me. If life was simple and fair, I would have stayed at Lake Gibson. It was difficult for my parents. They did not understand the program they had their mind made up that I was going to graduate from traditional High School. Once again, I hit a bump in the road. My parents felt I was trying to take the easy way out. For some reason, my parents did not understand, if i did not pass any of the three test and if I stayed at my school, it would all be a waste. At the end, I would get a certificate of completion not a certified High School diploma. Essentially, I would be a drop out unable to attend any college. It was pretty tough explaining to them the reason why I wanted to leave on such short notice. Once Mr. Clevenger explained the perks of the program and how it would help me rather than hurt me, my parents jumped on board. I was so excited to begin this new chapter of my life. I knew my whole life would change

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