Importance Of Effective Organizational Structure

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Effective Organizational Structure
According to Goswami & Goswami (2010), organizational structure refers to the relationship that exists between different parts of an organization (p. 162). An organization runs like a machine in a sense. There has to be a consistent relationship between members, leaders, and the division of labor, expectations, and all other organizational priorities. In addition to this relationship, the structure of the organization must align with the organizational mission, goals, and values. The mission, goals, and values serve as a catalyst for a shared goal and experience. Though members or employees may have different roles or job functions, shared goals and values maintain that connection between them.
Working in a global economy may have an impact on the function of an organization. According to Richard Spilsbury (2012), the global economy connects the individual economies of every country in the world (p.5). Though operating in a global economy may give people access to new experiences and opportunities, it can be challenging to maintain an effective organizational structure. When an organization globalizes and starts doing business in another country, the culture can be very different. It may be challenging to maintain
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Sending an email blast for example, to employees explaining new changes, directions, ideas, or strategies, will not be as effective as having a leader verbally communicate and reinforce it on a daily basis. Face-to-face doesn’t just focus on in-person communication, but also the reinforcement of what was shared. Effective communication is not simply about passing along a message, but it is about sharing ideas and strategies as well as holding team members accountable to their role in ensuring that the goal is

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