Importance Of Diwali Essay

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You probably heard India has multiple languages, and its culture is really important to it. India is also known for their many festivals. India is the land of many festivals, they used to have 365 festivals in a year. India used to have a festival for everyday to bring life and enthusiasm to people. Nowadays, only important festivals are celebrated and during the festival people gather around and, have many activities. An Indian festival means bring culture back and teach the next generation about the culture. It is important for the next generation to learn the importance of the festival and culture. There are certain ways of celebrating so the next generation understand. People celebrate festivals with great devotion. It involves fasting, …show more content…
Diwali is celebrated to dispel the darkness and bring the light of clarity. The word Diwali means deep is light and the word wli is a row of light. Diwali occurs during October or early November. The Hindus celebrate this festival to welcome back Lord Rama to Ayodhya after his victory over Ravana (the evil spirit). It is celebrated to show the victory of good can overcome evil and also acknowledge the Knowledge, and hope. The people celebrate this festival by cleaning their house, wearing new clothes, with sweets, decorate the house with lights and play with fireworks. People also light up the lamps which are called Diya. There are traditionally fueled by mustard oil, placed by the windows, door and outside the houses. Diwali is a time of buying new stuff, starting a new business because that time is considered the luckiest and celebrating a successful harvest. It has a lot of spiritual significance. It is important to the Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs and newer Buddhists. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India, the end of the cropping season is on Diwali For the preparations for Diwali it begins on the autumn, and people buy gold and silver, and new furniture. There is a Kali Puja on Diwali, to celebrate the goddess Kali. Diwali is a four day event, First to celebrate the festival people worship Lord Ganesha to start the festival celebrations so there are no problems. Then it it remembers the Lord Krishna and get his blessings. The second day is about worshiping goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth). To bring good luck to the house and business. The third day is Kartika shudda padyami to remember God and ask for forgiveness. The fourth day is Bhai Dooj all the sisters invite their brothers to their house and celebrate together. The brother promises to take care of their sister and protect them. Then it is celebrated with fireworks and family with

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