Learners: The Importance Of Diversity In The Classroom

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Diversity of Learners
As I have expressed previously in the two topics above, diversity plays a major role in each classroom today, and is something that each teacher has to face. Diversity can be anything from race, gender, socioeconomic background, or even learning style. By knowing this, it is important that I become aware of the different diversities in each class, and make sure that each is respected. Like the quote that I used previously from the Conceptual Framework Proficiencies, diversity is understood to be a wide range of elements, and the teaching methods that I choose to use need to enhance each of the students learning experience.
Through my own experiences as I observed at Akron preparatory school, I have quickly become aware
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While this may be tempting as a teacher, I know that this is not acceptable, especially when treating each student equally. As in anything, some students will excel more than others and it would be my job to make sure that other students receive the same amount of attention. This is why I would enjoy doing many group projects, and have each project consists of a different mixture of students. This not only brings out a different form of teamwork, but also gives the students the chance to honestly get to know each other. The last thing I would want to know is that a student felt as if he wasn’t treated equally in the classroom, and I would do my best to make sure each student received as much help as …show more content…
Much of the effort would be making sure that each student has an equal voice in the classroom lesson plans. Moreover, each student would be pushed towards reaching their absolute potential, and I would give them as much positive support as needed. Just as it states in the Conceptual Framework Proficiencies, the type of instruction that I choose to lead should help “all students or individuals learn and develop to their fullest potential”. Each person has the potential to be an outstanding academic student, and my goal would be to spark that potential.
After writing this paper, I’ve again become aware of why exactly I want to become a teacher. To understand that your teachings are impactful in certain ways for each student is something extremely special. Therefore, I want to make sure that I am ready before entering the profession. I want to make sure that I have a great understanding of the material being taught, the diversity that I would be facing, and how to adjust my own teaching habits to meet each of the students

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