Reflective Essay: Cultural Background And My Personal Experiences

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As a child, I was extremely curious about anything I got my hands onto. Something would break and my mother would lose patience. I’d run over to tinker with it and figure it out in half the time. I just enjoyed fixing anything I could. The most entertaining dilemmas pertained to complex mechanisms. Coming from a family of engineers on both sides with none being in my immediate family at home, I still gravitated towards it, finding pleasure in huge puzzles and art pieces. I believe I would bring diversity to this campus through cultural background and my personal experiences. In the Michigan I was brought into the world by a Lebanese, African native father who identifies as a Muslim and a Half breed German mother that is now a Jehovah’s Witness. …show more content…
My stepfather has not filed for divorce yet. But, if they do, I’ll be more of a source of income for my mother and sister than my mother will. After she married Theo she quit her manager job and has not had a job since. My father destroyed her credit before she left. She’s a housewife. The only account not in his name is my college fund. It’s our joint account. I work part time while in school due to the fact that I’ll never know what could happen financially with a guy just not wanting to, “support her anymore”. I hate that I’m both my parents’ therapist. I hate that she’s not happy past 50 years old. I hate that my father had to sell drugs in the unequal income inequality in this society to get by. I hate that my sister has to see her parents fight every day in front of her. I hate that I can’t be more help other than getting a degree. And as we know that’s a gradual four year process. In order to gain more revenue to support me through college expenses without asking her husband for more money, she’s put in a child support notice with the law force. So, while she’s jobless another man can support me. But, the letter for my father to be called to court never arrived at the correct location of my father. With him skipping court, they sent him another letter $9,000 in child support or jail. The reason he didn’t get the letter was because it went to the house his wife and two kids just got evicted from rent going up. I’ve never asked for money since my father left because he has never been financially stable. I even found him selling pills at a time just to put food in his kids’ mouths. My desire to fulfill my education stems from witnessing my parents’ endeavors in life. I don’t want to sell drugs, depend on a man like the old ages, or work for minimum wage. If the marriage works out somehow, there’s always other factors to worry about. One cannot run a

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