Importance Of Diversity In Education

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Register to read the introduction… When students participate in the atmosphere can be very language heavy, and students must write, read, and make visual provisions as they build models and form explanations. By utilizing the practice of scientific inquiry teachers afford their students a valuable opportunity and also challenge them to learn language while supporting science learning for all of their students and this is especially crucial for English as second language learners. With the proper support these students are able to lean science by engaging in practices that build on their understanding and back experiences, and their capacity to do more with …show more content…
Of all of these factors, the personal and academic relationships between teachers and their students may be the most influential.” (Strategies for Teaching Culturally Diverse Students) Students spend a great deal of time with their teachers, and to foster that student-teacher relationship, teachers should celebrate and accommodate the differences in their students. In order to close the gap on diversity there are several strategies teachers can employ. Teachers must use various instructional strategies and learning activities. By doing so, it offers the students and opportunity to learn in new ways that are receptive to their own style of communicating, and it helps them to be more aware of other approaches to learning. Teachers must also give great consideration to their students’ cultures and language skills when developing their lesson plans. It is very important to provide students with learning experiences that is reflective of whom they are as a student. Teachers must provide students with learning opportunities increases their motivation to learn, this includes providing experience for both high and low performing students. It is very important to clearly communicate expectations, this sets the tone for success and ensures everyone is on the same page and knows what is expect of them. It is also important to conduct formative assessments of your student to ensure they on track in their learning. There are many contributing factors to a students’ success in science or any other subject. As teachers we must believe that all of our students can learn equally. The climate of our classroom and the teaching strategies we employ must provide an equitable opportunity for all students. It’s our duty to articulate clear messages to all

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