Benefits Of Lying

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Being in a standpoint of having to decide while if you should deceive or not could be a very complex situation. Especially when you want to protect a loved one from getting hurt. But the thing is should covering the truth with dishonesty and lies be the best decision to protect that special person? Should deceiving be more important than your integrity and values? Is lying even the best solution or is their never a well justified reason of lying? At times you feel that their is no more options then hiding the truth from a certain person just for their own good. Wanting what you believe is the“best” for that individual could take you to a process of deceiving.
In certain circumstances lying is the easiest option to take in order to avoid a problem.
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In my situation I did not consult my problem of deceiving my sister because I did not want to break my ex boyfriend’s trust. However, if I would have consulted my situation with someone else who is loving, caring and a trustful person that person would of been against my decision. I could imagine that they would advise me to tell my sister because another person could end up telling her and her feelings will still end up getting hurt . Furthermore, they could also express that I could have serious problems with her if she finds out that I knew about the situation and I did not inform her about it. Going through this principle, I realized that I was not following the values I learned in my family and religion. When I was deceiving my sister I was going against my values of being honest and caring.
The final step of “The Principles of Veracity” is how others would see the case after knowing all the information of the problem and if they would believe if the deception is well justified. From this step, I would imagine that other people would confess me that deceiving is not the best way of comforting my problems. That deceiving could ruin my relationship with my sister. In addition, they would believe that my sister has the right to know what someone is doing to

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