Importance Of Cultural Psychology

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I have always found psychology to be a fascinating subject in itself and unsurprisingly a great number of the specialties associated with it were of great interest to me. Among them, cultural, evolutionary, and social psychology were particularly appealing to me. However, it was cultural psychology that really stood out from the rest. Given that I aspire to someday be a cultural anthropologist, I can hardly say I found this to be surprising. It makes sense that applying the same cultural focus, that I have always had a strong interest in, to psychology would successfully appeal to me. Cultural psychology is a specialty that studies the affect culture can have on the way people think and behave, which is something cultural anthropologists study …show more content…
Many specialists in this area of Psychology do not have to operate in any one setting exclusively. Which is something I can see being highly beneficial to me, simply because I have always been rather averse to jobs that require me to confront and communicate with people one-on-one. While yes, I can do it, the stress such confrontations cause do not make for a positive work environment. I would much rather research and study observationally and communicate my findings non-verbally. Therefore, the flexibility this field has to offer is hugely appealing to me, especially when paired with the fact that many of the jobs are geared towards helping the people being studied. Many of the jobs are geared towards helping the cultures that exist within our own society and are grossly misrepresented, or oftentimes, not represented at all. For me, the prospect of a research based profession that has practical applications geared towards helping other people, is something akin to a dream. Though I still favor cultural anthropology over cultural psychology that is not to say that the specialty lacks appeal, quite the opposite. There is not much for me to dislike, from the area of specific study to the progressive way of thinking it keeps drawing me in. My realization of the existence of cultural psychology has given a name to something I have been interested in for quite some time. Now that I have had the chance to learn more about it in depth, I am hopeful that someday in my future I will be able to see it applied in my own

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