Intimate Encounters In Intercultural Communication

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Intimate Encounters

Life is constant change, and change, it has never been easy for humans. Nevertheless, diversity is at the core of our modern world; In fact, we are all deeply connected not only at a biological level, but due to the globalization of communications, we are together in our challenges too; therefore, developing new interconnected ways of working and communicating with each other, is without a doubt, the best approach for solving new challenges, reaching our goals and, becoming a more integrally informed individual. Cultural competence is defined as the set of behaviors, attitudes, and policies that when together in a system enables that system to operate effectively in cross-cultural situations (Cross). Therefore, cultural
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Intercultural communication keeps evolving due to globalization; in order to efficiently communicate with a group of people or an individual, it is vital to include awareness of the variety of ways to be human and, knowledge of what other than words is needed for the connection to really happen.( JACK DAVID ELLER,3). Anthropology in its holistic approach brings a comprehensive perspective in understanding change and evolution in societies. Consequently, intercultural communications competencies, are a must in order to adapt my already acquired knowledge to new emerging contexts. “Cultural competence requires an open mind and heart and the willingness to accept the views of others (…) to experience meaning and purpose in their lives” (Harper & Lantz, 1996). Therefore, the ability to communicate with a group or an individual requires a deep understanding of the channels that facilitate these communication. Anthropology help us to understand how society changes and becomes different. It is fascinating how globalization and interconnectedness, due to the Internet, social media and, innovative wireless technologies, are modifying our needs and consequently our behaviors; an anthropological approach is imperative to fully understand how these new ways of communications are shaping us into a new understanding of our need for

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