Difference Between Creative Thinking And Critical Thinking

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It is not enough just to think, everyone needs to think clearly, because it affects you and others, and the course of events. Everyone is thinking in his own way, on the basis of his/her knowledge, experience and values. Thinking is the job of everyone, which must be done properly. Critical thinking welcomes different points of views and it helps to see situation from all sides, and solve the problem in the best way. Critical and creative thinking is core thing in the Army, which is very useful and significant for proper decision making and in performing duties successfully. The leaders who apply critical thinking in the service are better organized and are the example to their subordinates by personal characteristics, skills, knowledge and show the highest standards of leadership. Leadership is very closely related to decision making, using together critical and creative thinking during problem solving in operational environments. The leaders should use multiple points of view, monitor and asses the situations widely to get the best solution and make the best decisions. Therefore, it should be mentioned, that all these skills can be achieved through long self-improvement and the desire …show more content…
Nevertheless, the elements of thought in many cases suplement the Army Problem Solving Process using a fresh perspective. All the elements of thought are used when we are thinking and none of them is more important than another. Also, „the elements of thought are closely tied to the “what” of reasoning while standards allow you to test the quality of your thinking.“ According this statement, officers have possibility to use the intellectual standards improving critical thinking in Army Problem Solving

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