Personal Narrative: My College Choice

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Everyone knows that one choice can change your whole life. It doesn’t have to be something huge like my college choice or someone changing what I want to major in at the last minute. It could be as simple as whether or not I went to that one party during my high school career or who I chose to sit by in one of my classes. In my case, it was something I wouldn’t consider a major choice in my life. When I was going to fourth grade, my family and I moved from the Northside of Aiken to the Southside of Aiken. I had the choice of staying at North Aiken Elementary or transfer to Millbrook Elementary. I chose to transfer to Millbrook, and this choice led me to trying out gymnastics for the first time, meeting my best friend of eight years now, and …show more content…
By the second week of school, I had made a couple of friends. My closest friend at the time was a girl named Ali and she was a gymnast at Aiken Gymnastics. One day at recess, she showed me a back handspring stepout. At the time, I didn’t know what it really was, I just knew that it looked cool and I wanted to be able to do that. She followed this up by doing five in a row. I was amazed and from then on out I knew that I had to try gymnastics. After weeks of begging my mom and dad, they finally caved and took me to Aiken Gymnastics and signed me up. I started the following week on the beginner’s level. About a month and a half later I moved up to the Advanced Rec team. Here I meet of couple of new friends that I would soon be moving up in levels with and become close too in the following years. Within a year of moving up to the Advanced Rec team, they moved a few of us to the OP competition team. My closest friends on the team at the time were two girls named Sarah and Jordan, and we started at OP Bronze Level. Eventually Jordan moved on to OP Silver, and it was just Sarah and I. Our coaches gave us the nickname “Double Trouble”, because it was all laughs and play whenever we were together. At this time you could only move up every two years unless you mastered a skill from a higher level, then you had the choice to move up or wait and move up later. Sarah and I always moved up …show more content…
Monday and Tuesday we learned the dance and cheer, Wednesday was an off day to practice, Thursday we went over the cheer and dance, and Friday was the actual tryouts. I have always been a quick learner when it comes to dances and routines, so this wasn’t hard, but it definitely was not easy either. Yet, we persevered and got through it. Sadly, we didn’t find out if we made it until that next Monday after school. When we got to where we were supposed to meet, they handed us envelopes, but they said that we couldn’t open until we got out of the room. So Bre and I left the room, and started walking down the hallway. We opened the white envelopes at the same time and pulled out the bright yellow cardstock paper inside. The first word I read was “Congratulations”, and an extensive smile stretched across my face from ear to ear. Bre had the exact same look on her face. We were in the JV team for the 2013-2014 school year and we couldn’t wait for it to

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