What Are The Barriers Of College Access And Success For First Generation College Students

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College Access and Success for First Generation College Students
First Generation College Students (FGCS) often encounter a variety of different obstacles when it comes to the college experience. They often have to consider a range of factors that any student at 18 years old should not have to consider if they should want to pursue higher education. As they experience a lack of guidance, they are often left floundering and confused during their college journey. These students often end up making decisions that may limit their college access or deters their success. Their lack of knowledge results in these students missing out on opportunities that may benefit them. This paper will discuss the barriers that limit college access and success for FGCS and discuss solutions for these barriers to
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Literature Review Many seniors across the nation plan for the college experience, hoping to get into their first choice universities. They look forward to exploring the world of adulthood while focusing on their education. This is not always a reality for FGCS. These students are often faced with attempting to decide whether or not the opportunity to attend college is within their grasp as they may not even be sure if they will complete high school. According to Falcon (2015) “In the United States, African Americans, Hispanics, Native American ,and low income students have completed high school and attended college at a lower rate than their white or higher income students (Racial Disparity, para. 1). FGCS face a variety of challenges that impact the student 's ability to become engaged in higher education. Barriers include college readiness, lack of academic and emotional support, financial challenges, racial disparity and student motivation (Falcon,

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