Importance Of Coca Cola Social Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is a term that is supplanting the term corporate social responsibility. The ‘social’ is increasingly being omitted in order to emphasize the (claimed) broader responsibilities of business corporations, particularly their responsibilities with regard to the environment.
Corporate Social Responsibility has helped several companies to develop and work upon several new core competencies, which enables the corporate to build a special relation with its customers, society, its shareholders and government by the sustainability acts done by them. The corporate social responsibility activities help in building a positive image of the company, it also helps in building goodwill which in long run helps in generating profits. The CSR activities
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Coca Cola Company has strongly emphasized on corporate social responsibility along with its reporting. The company emphasizes on the reporting of its CSR activities. All the CSR initiatives of the company are reported in the sustainability report of the company. The company has strongly emphasized on environmental principles, the company has strongly emphasized on sustainability business practices which has helped the business to emphasize on sustainability. The company reports its CSR in sustainability integration system which provides a forum for business unit reporting to measure different sustainability gaols, achievements and improvements of the company. With the sustainability reporting the company connects the individuals, teams, decisions and actions to the overall goal of

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