Compare And Contrast The Three Branches Of Government

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The writers of the Constitution separated the major functions of government by creating the three branches of federal government. The three branches of government are the Legislative, the Judicial and the Executive. The Legislative branch is the branch in charge of making laws. The Judicial branch is the branch that explains the laws of the U.S under the Constitution and lastly the Executive branch, the President is the head of the government making laws official. Checks and Balances is a system used by the U.S government to limit the power of each branch so that every branch is equal in power and no branch has too much power. This Checks and Balances system is important to our government because if not, one branch would take over the others and there would be no control or equality with the power our government has and is given by the people. The colonists past experiences with British rule led to the fear of creating a strong central government. Because of this fear the Articles of Confederation seemed like an amazing constitution for the U.S. It established a weak national (federal) government and strong state governments. State governments had the power to coin money and control …show more content…
Then this way, not one branch or the other becomes too powerful. Checks and balances sound exactly as it works each branch checks the power of the other branches to make sure that the power is balanced between them. Checks and Balances is a very important system in our government, the writers of the Constitution thought it would be best to divide power of our government into three branches this also began separation of powers. Separation of powers is each of the branches having its own jobs or duties and without the system our government would be over powered by a single branch and that wouldn’t be right to the

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