Car Safety Essay

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Every society has different views on car safety. Every car has different kinds of outperform safeties. When people ride the car, they need to put the seatbelt on and protect ourselves however there are some people who doesn’t follow this rule. This essay talks about the function of the car safety and how does the safety equipment involved to the science for keeping the people safe. Also, the safety equipment that this essay talks are seatbelts, airbags, crumple zones, and anti-lock brakes. The aim of this essay is to understand the function of car safety equipment and know how does these equipment involve to the science. There are some safety equipment like seatbelt or airbags. Seatbelt is the equipment that keeps people in the car safe from flying through the windshield. When the car crushes to somewhere, there is a risk that the people in the car get thrown out to the outside however seatbelt secure the people on the seat and save it. Seatbelt involve to the science, because the inertia. Seatbelt try to stop the human’s inertia, so that they aren’t thrown to the outside. Also, seatbelt has a rotation to adjust the length. This depends on the people who put on the seatbelt, so it can be shorter when child …show more content…
It is almost like the seatbelt that keeps the people safe by car accident. Most of the people think it will be safe if there are airbags however airbag doesn’t exhibit if they driver or people in the car doesn’t put the seatbelt on. Airbag is the safety equipment, but it’s the only thing that increase the effect for saving people which the seatbelt needs to be on, so it doesn’t have any effect if they don’t put the seatbelt. On the contrary, it might be death by an air bag in the worst case. The airbag involve to the science, because it will allay the impact for crushing. By having the airbag, it makes the death risk very lower however the seatbelt must be on. This is almost same as

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