Business Negotiation In China Essay

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Ensuring Business Negotiation In China As technology advances so does the efficiency in transportation. With fast reliable transportation business people in America want to expand their businesses out of the country. Since China is one of the world largest growing economy, Americans are lure into wanting to make business with them. When Americans go to China, they are not only expose to a new territory but culture as well. By knowing the compare and contrast culture of China, Americans would have a higher opportunity on landing on negotiation. American and Chinese business culture have some similarities and differences in regards to communication, business relation, and perspective of time. In business, Americans and Chinese know the importance of communications, but how communication is expressed differently based on each culture. Americans …show more content…
Americans live in a fast pace environment, therefore people who accomplish achievements and performances at young age are admire. In contrast, the Chinese admire older versus young people; the eldest are look up because they had acquire knowledge and experience through out their life. The Chinese takes time to negotiate due to the fact they consider patient being essential when negotiating on a deal. In the article, Doing Business in the People’s Republic of China: Some Keys to Success, written by Dr. Lawrence S. T. Tai, a chairman in Department of Accounting and Finance, explains “It must be understood that the chinese are thorough and methodical negotiators and they believe that patience is of particular value in negotiations” (3). Therefore, Chinese do not set deadline like American’s do. Instead, Americans would have to state the highly importance of the day a dateline has to be met by. By being patience and applying how Chinese communicate and build relation, will make American be more suitable for business people in

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