Importance Of Big Bang Theory

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Register to read the introduction… He first suggested the big bang theory in the 1920s when he theorized that the universe began from a single primordial atom. From that point many scientists and astrologers leant their hands out to the theory including Edwin Hubble who observed that galaxies are speeding away from us in all directions and by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson who co discovered cosmic microwave radiation (Origins, N.P.). Lemaître's idea of the single atom is the spec earlier mentioned. When Edwin Hubble comes along and states this bizarre notion it brings many questions to mind but he backs his statements up well by using the Doppler Effect. Hubble didn't create the idea of the Doppler Effect but he did put it to the greatest use possible. The idea of the Doppler Effect is usually applied to sound. Sound consists of waves ranging from a high to a low frequency. As an object approaches us the frequency of these waves become higher, and then lower as it passes. The same idea can be applied to light waves. We can see this using a spectrum which has a different color for different frequencies. If the color being read from the spectrum is leaning toward the red side, then the frequency is low meaning the object is moving away from us. Applying this idea to distant stars and galaxies proved that they are moving away from us. This idea shows that the universe is indeed expanding. Perhaps one of the most important pieces of evidence that further supports the Big Bang Theory was one accidently stumbled upon. It's the idea of cosmic microwave background radiation. It's known that the universe is filled with a sea of radiation. At the time of the bang it was extremely hot and then it cooled and expanded. There came a point during the expansion that the radiation decoupled from the matter. That radiation was set at a temperature of 2.7 …show more content…
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