Film Analysis: Dominance Of Artificial Intelligence Program

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Yerim Choi
25 September 2015
CO 101 B1/B5
Joanna Hynes

Dominance of Artificial Intelligence Program In Today’s Communication 6:00am. His noise wakes you up and you tell him to quiet down. “What time is it?” You asked him in a groggy voice. You make an omelet with his recipe. While you are picking out your clothes, he reads today’s weather forecast to let you know it’s chilly outside. On your way to work, he becomes a traffic guide, saying, “Eastbound traffic on Highway is moving well, with all lanes open”. He never gets tired of you and always shows kindness whenever you need him.
In this short anecdote, “he” refers to an artificial intelligence program that is built in most of today’s smartphones. It is not an unusual phenomenon anymore
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Through the film, Jonze shows how an artificial intelligence program can pervade on many aspects of one’s life. Theodore, who writes a letter for a person as a job, purchases an operating system and calls her “Samantha”. By actually communicating and interacting deeply with her, Theodore gradually falls in love so that he feels great loss when she is absent later in the movie. In this film, Samantha is “not just operating system but it is a consciousness.” Although the movie takes place in a premised futuristic setting, it seems not too distant from our current lifestyle, in which a smartphone reads your e-mail and plays music for you just like Theodore’s day in the movie. Spike Jonze, the director of the film, was actually inspired by an article about a website where a user can instant message with an artificial intelligence. Apple, one of the most provocative technology companies in the world, installed an artificial intelligence program named “Siri” in Iphone. Siri plays a great role as a personal assistant for an Iphone user; it reads text messages, sets an alarm and even chats with you sometimes. Similarly, Ok google and Googlenow are made for useful aids such as searching, setting a reminder and getting directions. Facebook, the most worldwide social network service, also recently unveiled its new voice recognition service “M”. David Marcus, the vice president of messaging products at Facebook, introduces this new system as “the most human-like artificial intelligence program that had been harshly disciplined” and emphasizes it’s capacity to make a judgment on your behalf beyond just following orders. In the advertisement picture that Facebook displays, “M” recommends gifts and restaurants when the user needs. Also, its simultaneous translation of different languages allows people in the world to be connected to each

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