Importance Of African History

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History is important because it helps to understand not only the past, but it also helps us to understand and predict the future. Africa is so influential to part of how humankind came to be...Africa is known as the motherland, and is known as the birthplace of humankind. (add who said that) “History is the mother of all social science”. This is why African history is so important, being that it is the birthplace of humankind everything that has happened in Africa is vitale and important. There is seen a gap between African history and the teaching of African history itself. There is a disconnection from the classroom and the African history itself; but why is this? One reason may be that African history is so different from other fields of …show more content…
African history is so primitive to today’s history that if that we do not explain the history of what we know about Africa then we are “sabotaging our kids futures”. In this paper I will discuss and examine why African history is so different from other fields of history, by explaining the length of history is presented in Africa because of oral tradition, and the different stereotypical notions of Africa undermines of the complexity of Africa and doesn’t show the role in Africa has in today’s history and stems the racism and ignorance from others and from by ignoring the essence of the importance of Africa we are hurting our future.
The length of African history is very short compared to other fields of history
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But, African history is so important to how we live today because it is the motherland, the place where our ancestors were born. There is so much we do not know about Africa but with the constant findings of things today in Africa the things found are so valuable to the life we have become accustomed to today. The lack of African history is to be blamed on the institutions that do not take the proper to time adequately and properly teach about African history, even if that is teaching the oral traditions that partook in early Africa. “African history is in a unique position to make significant contributions to a new view of a human’s place in the

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