African Civilizations Dbq Analysis

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The Accomplishments of African Civilizations
For centuries, historians have denied the accomplishment of African Civilizations. To this day the day, the misconceptions planted by racist historians remain present in the media. American media often displays Africa as a place of extreme poverty and lack of culture. In contrary, however, African people had many advances, even before the arrival of Europeans. The advances of the African Kingdoms are shown through their successful trade routes, ordered government, wealth, Education system, individual morals and art. To start, the advances of ancient African culture are shown through their successful trade routes. As document 1 shows, the location of early African empires was essential to their
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Document 2 shows the wealth and sophistication in the daily life of Africans. The people are described as wearing “splendid garments” and having pieces of gold mixed with their hair. Even the dogs and other animals are described as wearing colors that are made out of expensive metals such as gold and silver. Another example of the great wealth is shown through the wealth of the Mali empire. In Document 4, an Egyptian official describes the Mali king, Mansa Musa. Mali is most famous for their possession of gold. As a gift, Mansu Musa gave gold to many of the people that he met in Cairo. He actually introduced so much gold to the economy of Cairo that gold became useless. The people were impressed by the great wealth of the Mali empire. As a result of the wealth through trade and gold, the people of these African Kingdoms lived in an area of great and luxurious …show more content…
Document 2 describes the court of Ghana being held in a domed pavilion. This is an example of the building and Architecture techniques of this African culture. In order to build an impressive domes this culture must have had advanced technology and the ability to move materials . This building also shows the relationship between government and art. The artisan work is used to make this building look prestigous and important. This also shows that government values art as an important aspect of culture. Furthermore, in Document 7 the extensive process of making a bronze sculpture is described. The oral account given by the artisan states, “This work is one to cause wonder” The very artistic and masterful process of making metal statues involves using a wide variety of materials. Benin figures are made by pouring wax, copper,, zinc, and lead into a clay forms. These materials are then heated with fire. Once the statue is cooled, the clay outside is broken away. This process leaves a beautiful sculpted

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