Importance Of Academic Honor Codes

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Academic Honor Codes
Academic codes serve partly, to gently remind the University’s community on what not to do. Among one of the major things to not do that is stated, is plagiarize. As a student, the lines may have frequently been blurred between plagiarizing and “putting ideas into your own words.” The problem with that mindset, is that it contributes to you becoming a lazy researcher. It can land you into a situation where you simply neglect to cite a source from the ideas taken from someone else. Plagiarism is one of the the major, but not the only thing that helps to improve a college environment. In a broader context, the value of ethical responsibility and integrity must be addressed and upheld by faculty and staff, in order to foster
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It is in a form called P.R.I.D.E principles, in which each letter conveys a certain responsibility of the community. The letter P stands for pride/social responsibility, R stands for respect for self and others, I for integrity and leadership, D for diversity and community, and E for expression and free exchange. It is important for there to be goals set in place because it is the first step towards the achievement of that goal. Developing Hofstra P.R.I.D.E. is important because it allows students inside and outside of the classroom to value themselves, their integrity, and others. Some people may think that Potsdam’s Academic Honor Code is a better alternative, because of its code of student rights, responsibilities, and conduct, but instead of textbook definitions of terms introduced, more personal goals geared toward its community, like Hofstra’s Honor Code is …show more content…
According to The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing, plagiarism is defined as the “unattributed use of someone else’s words or ideas.” Although this definition is straightforward, across different contexts is where it could become complicated. Hofstra University’s Honor Code clearly states “I will not misrepresent my academic work, nor will I give or receive unauthorized assistance for academic work.” This is a direct statement from the honor code to not pass off other people’s ideas as your own, any complication is evaporated upon understanding the meaning of this statement. Students who are a part of the Hofstra community must be responsible for integrity in their work lest they receive a penalty which can include a failing grade on the assignment, the class, or academic suspension/

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