Job Analysis

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Importance of Job Analysis
i. Job analysis ensures that the selection process is valid and defensible by ensuring that the organisation is safe from unnecessary legal battles and discord from all interested parties. ii. Job analysis helps in planning of work force by ensuring the organisation matches its needs with prerequisite talent and qualifications of employee iii. Job analysis helps in succession planning since the company is able to effectively plan succession process to ensure there is no gap in the company operation iv. Job analysis helps in planning for training since the company is able to identify the short coming within the organisation and organize the required training.
v. Job analysis helps in employee development since it
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Information Collection
Decide how to use the information collected since this will determine the data to collect and how to collect it. Some data collection techniques such as interviewing the employee and asking what the job entails are good for writing job descriptions and selecting employees for the job. Other techniques like the position analysis questionnaire do not provide qualitative information for job descriptions. Rather, they provide numerical ratings for each job and can be used to compare jobs for compensation purposes. ii. Review Background information
Review appropriate background information like organization charts, process charts, and job descriptions. Organization charts show the organization-wide work division, how the job in question relates to other jobs, and where the job fits in the overall organization. The chart should show the title of each position and, through connecting lines, show reports to whom and with whom the job incumbent communicates. A process chart provides a more detailed picture of the work flow. In its simplest, most organic form, a process chart shows the flow of inputs to and outputs from the job being analyzed. Finally, the existing job description (if there is one) usually provides a starting point for building the revised job
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Develop job description and job specification
Develop a job description and job specification. These are two tangible products of the job analysis process. The job description is a written statement that describes the activities and responsibilities of the job as well as its important features such as working conditions and safety hazards. The job specification summarizes the personal qualities, traits, skills, and background required for completing a certain job. These two may be completely separate or in the same document.

Aspects of a Job That Are Analysed
The following aspects of a job are analysed during job analysis:
i. Duties and task: The human resource manager must specifically outline the duties and task associated with a job. ii. Environment: The environment of operation is essential in the achievement of the organisational goals and wellbeing of staff when a job is being analysed. iii. Tools and equipment: The human resource Manager must determine what tools and equipment are required by a job occupant for effective delivery of mandate and expectation of job description iv. Relationship: This involves determination of reporting channels and official communication both internal and

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