Implementing A Successful Crime Prevention Essay

1108 Words Nov 7th, 2016 5 Pages
Policy makers face many difficulties when attempting to implement successful crime prevention. Crime prevention can often be met with ‘implementation failures’. Implementation failures are …………… The causes are often varied and include poor design and management. There are several approaches to overcoming challenges to successfully implementing crime prevention. There are three main methods which include, prevention through partnerships, local response to crime and problem solving methodologies. There has been a shift towards delivering crime prevention through partnerships. A rationale for this path encompasses the fact that crime is intricate in nature and needs a logical and multifaceted solution. For example, one single agency cannot manage it, so it requires the involvement of multiple agencies. This is demonstrated in the case of domestic violence. It needs the involvement of many agencies such as the police, courts, legal aid, child welfare, corrections, health services, housing and education. It should be highlighted that partnerships are far from simple, we see this especially in regards to crime and complex security problems. It is not uncommon that agencies having competing goals and intentions. For example, the goals of the police differ to that of the child welfare system. This results in difficulties in communicating and encounter a diverse of practical organisational issues that need to be overcome. Once challenges are overcome, prevention through partnerships…

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