Implementation Of New Information Technology Systems And Processes

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Implementation of new Information Technology systems and processes involves significant changes within a company. It is a good practice to incorporate steps into the implementation plan of this kind of new adoptions to lead the participants through such stages.
Although a sales tracking system is simple to implement and get up and running, appropriate planning and preparation is crucial for a successful implementation and adoption. This change implementation plan document aims to provide greater detail on how the company will carry out the efforts framed in the new Sales Tracking System Implementation. The document has been developed by the implementation team of the new sales tracking system and it provides a guide for managing and organizing communication and engagement to the implementation of the new process. The plan summaries the change management method and plan, and enunciates a variety of strategies and procedures to meet the goals of this plan.
Description of the Type of Change
Our company is currently using a tracking sales system that is, technically speaking, close to his end of life and support from the vendor. This system has more than ten years executing different sales process such as collecting, analyzing and providing metrics to our sales department. It is no longer efficient with the current demands and needs of our department as it presents an archaic method of tracking the prospecting activities of our sales representatives. For this reason, and after…

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