Community Health Assessment For Georgia Essay

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This is a community health assessment for Georgia. The health assessment is focusing on showing the underlying factors that lead to the high rates of Smoking. The numbers for this assessment will be drawn from the community public health department of Georgia and other health institutions. The policy makers are also among the people involved in the assessment process. They put in place the changes proposed by a team at the community level and also ensure tolerance. Surveys are used to select the respondents as well as interview “Tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of death and disease in the United States. Smoking takes the life of 480,000 people each year”. In the state of Georgia the region is almost at the same rate as the national rate of Smokers. National rates are at 23.4% while Georgia is at 22.7%. Georgia’s high rate of smoking can be attributed to economic status, education and age. The cause of the high smoking rates is linked to poverty and education.
Some of the questions that aid in the assessment of smokers include: 1) Do You Smoke? 2) Why Do You Smoke? 3) What is your highest level of school completed 3) what type of tobacco do you use? 4) Do you smoke or use any form of drugs? 5) How often do you Smoke? These are the major questions that help the assessing team in evaluating the smokers health-care by the community members. Education is the major cause of Smoking in Georgia. The lack of education some how causes individuals…

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