Sales Training Program Analysis

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The sales training program for the organization will focus on customer service and providing new employees with the skills necessary for success. It is vital that the new employees understand the skill necessary to be successful salespeople within the organization. This program will cater to the individual needs of each employee. Our sales team is divided into several areas, including group sales, corporate sales and suite sales. It is important to the organization that employees understand each specific role. Therefore, the sales training program will be developed to educate new employees on the specific position they will be working in. In the article, Developing sales training programs to promote a competitive advantage, the author emphasizes four categories of sales; the categories include: reaching out to new customers, new customers looking to purchase on their own, existing customers’ satisfaction and existing customers’ ability to help build a relationship between new customers and the sales person (Ross, 2014).These four categories will be addressed in the organization’s sales training program. The sales training program will consist of a variety of steps. First, the organization will have to hire the sales personnel. This step includes an interview process. It is essential …show more content…
It is important that the organization instructs its employees on proper etiquette, as well as, allows employees to practice selling techniques in various ways (Irwin, Sutton, & McCarthy, 2008). Employees will spend the first two days of the program in and instructional setting learning the various ways in which sales are done. It is important the organization emphasizes the importance of the sales team during this period. Once the instructional portion of the program is finished, the program will dive into practical application, allowing employees to take part and experience real life

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