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Implementation of Action Plan Week Three
Elizabeth E. Laird
Grand Canyon University
RDG 580: Practicum in Reading
July 28, 2010

Abstract In this paper the author of this paper will reflect upon the third week of the implementation of an Action Plan created for a struggling student. Additionally this paper contains a Creative/Critical Thinking Reflection Form, and a Practicum Activity Log Summary.

Week Three Reflection
Tutoring continues to proceed in a positive venue, and the Student A has enjoyed the sessions and is showing signs of improvement. Student A is eager to please and has been practicing at home with previously
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We also worked extensively sorting words into categories to build her basic word knowledge. Teaching this student to self monitor was important so that while she reads she can ask herself if “what she (they) is (are) reading makes sense” Fountas, I.C. & Pinnell, G.S. (2001, 311). An adjustment to one of the comprehension activities was made with an activity called I Think, I Found. During this activity we used a picture book at the student’s instructional/independent reading level range. The student read a portion of the text and I would stop her and ask her to think about what she thought would happen next based on what she just read; we then wrote this prediction on a sticky note, and then read some more to see if she was correct. Immediately upon reading the answer that would either validate or disprove her prediction we would again stop and write what we found. We place the sticky notes of what she thought and found onto a T-Chart that we used at the end of the text as discussions points. This activity was extremely beneficial in teaching Student A to self-monitor her reading. In addition to the tutoring sessions this week, the author of this paper had the opportunity to meet and discuss with Student A’s guardian the results of the pre-assessments that were done prior to tutoring. They shared that Student A showed a great deal more interest in reading at home, and plays with the materials she brought home from tutoring

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