Apush Imperialism Dbq Analysis

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Even though industrialization bought about things like light and a faster means of production and trading it came at a cost. As time progressed from the start of industrialization countries began competing with each other for raw materials this meant, forming and breaking alliances all so they could imperialize other nations and show how great they are through nationalism. With industrialization less skilled workers were needed because the machines did most of the work. (Doc. 2) This lead to owners of factories paying people less than they had pre-industrialization because their specialized skills weren’t required to get the job done. Instead they needed someone to assure that the machine was working properly. With people now being so expendable, …show more content…
(Doc. 8) Otto Von Bismarck would not agree with Rhodes ideas that Britain is a great nation he would instead root for the German nation. Bismarck, whom was a chancellor in Germany and he attempted to show off German nationalism by gathering nations were fellow Germans lived such as Alsace and Lorraine which was originally under French control. Bismarck thought that if those from other nations/ culture did not want to follow German rules then they should leave their nation and all protection that was given to them under the German nation would be taken away too. (Doc. 10) Although many wars, revolutions and disputes occurred due to industrialization there were some technological improvements like the invention of electric lighting. (Doc.11) In conclusion, industrialization may have helped improve the rate of production in Europe, but it also made it easier for nations to become paranoid over who is producing what and at the rate of which other nations military increased. Industrialization has given more reasons to go to war and is a focal point of

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