Impact Of Tourism On The Tourism Industry Essay

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In recent year, there are lots of studies and researches about different impacts of the tourism industry. Tourism is defined as “the sum of phenomena and relationships arising from the travel & stay of non residents” (French, Craig-Smith, Collier (2000) p.8). The activities that take place in a particular tourist destination could produce a number of impacts on different environments. Some of the main environments that tourism operates in could be economic, cultural, social and the natural environments. Each of these environments would receive the benefits from the contribution of tourism; however these environments could also be harmed by the cause of negative impacts resulted from this industry’s activities. The purpose of conducting this research paper is to examine whether on balance, tourism have positive contributions. This will be discussed by identifying and analysing the positive and negative impacts to each specific environment.
Tourism activities create a number of positive impacts on the economic environment. Economic benefits are generated from some activities that tourists take while spending their time in a particular destination. One of the benefits is that there is a high employment opportunity for the people in that local area (Cooper 2012). The quality of services provided to tourists will depend on the availability and the skills of the staff; so there is a correlation between the increase in number of tourism activities and the number of job…

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