Impact Of Terrorism On The World Economy Essay

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It is hard to believe that anyone would murder hundreds just to have their message heard, but that is the definition of terrorism. Terrorism is more than just a physical effect and a body count, it also can have a crippling effect on the mental state of millions. Terrorism creates fear in things that people once thought were perfectly safe, and one of the biggest fears created is on travel. Travel is a driving force in the world economy. The effects of terrorism can be felt on several fronts regarding travel, and not just the mediums we use to travel. Terrorism has effected the transportation industry primarily through air travel. Air travel being one of the leading mediums for international and long distance domestic travel. After the use of planes as suicide bombs during the September 11 attacks people began to gravitate away from airplanes and airlines. According to Beirman, “The hardest hot sector was air transport, airlines lost about $2 billion in 2001 and in the following years important airlines filed for bankruptcy: United Airlines, Air Canada and Delta Airlines” (qtd. In Dorin Bac, 8). With the losses that the industry sustained it is only natural to have to shut down. These losses had and even bigger effect on the airlines due to the high cost of their business at its core. The depletion of revenue resulted in a loss of jobs and pay for many workers, and the industry fell into a recession. This is not to say that the industry never recovered. Thanks to new…

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