Impact Of Technology On Human Development

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Over the past twenty years, technology has completely changed the way we live. It changed the way we communicate, the way we travel and the way we work. Further, technology has made a big impact on human development. Technology has affected the development in various aspect of human life. However, I will be covering how technologies affected the development in medicine, communication, education and agriculture.
Before the 19th century, the average human life expectancy was only 30 to 40 years. Today, the life expectancy in the whole world has changed shockingly and today it reaches an average up to 70 years. This is due to achieving impressive progress in health. Due to medical technologies humans live longer and better lives. The development
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Today, teachers from all over the globe with the help of modern technology has an opportunity to teach students using various methods. Some methods include using smartphones, tablets, smart whiteboards in the classroom. Using technology makes learning more easy and efficient. Some old fashioned teacher might disagree with the importance of using technology to teach, however, according to T.W.Forsmen ‘‘Most researchers agree that technology needs to be integrated in teacher education curricula, and numerous strategies have been proposed in the literature to facilitate such integration‘‘. Education is a primary source of human development. Using modern technology in the educational system helps us to develop as individuals and as a society.

Another big industry that was completely changed by technology is agriculture. Agriculture is a very important aspect of our everyday life. It’s our primary source of food. Agriculture gives us a supply of food, medicine, employment and clothing. With the help of technology, agriculture has changed from working land manually to using advanced technology. Using modern technologies in agriculture has resulted in increased production and food

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