Impact Of Technology On Higher Education Essay

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Impact of Technology on Higher Education
What would happen to the human species today if we suddenly decided to stop drinking water, eating meat, or cutting firewood? Eventually the population would decrease to the point of extinction. Resources like water, food, and trees were given to us and should be used properly so life can thrive on this earth. So why not embrace other resources that have become available to us? Why waste the tools that could so easily help make this world a better, more efficient and advanced place? Over the past several years, new forms of technology have been in constant development and some controversies have arisen about how these technologies should be used and how they affect things like the human brain or social skills. As Trent Batson says, “It is easy to criticize a new technology; it is much harder to understand how the new technology can help create new abilities in humans” (260). It is crucial to look beyond potential flaws in new innovations to see the good in what they may bring. As far as technology in education goes, it is an absolute necessity for schools to adapt to such technological changes if they want to keep up with the modern world. “The most successful higher education organizations in the future will be those that most effectively plan for, implement, utilize, and manage technology” (Gray, Stefurak, and Surry 2). In order for students to prosper in today’s world, colleges must prepare them by using the right tools and…

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