Impact Of Space Exploration On Earth Essay example

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The universe is a vast space, but the human race has the power to make it smaller. Through various programs and missions, all humans on Earth can work together towards the discovery of other life in the universe. The main categories that would be linked to space exploration are the benefits, funding, education, and new colonies. If all of the categories are reached, then Earth will have a better understanding on why it, so lonesomely, contains life. The first important link to space exploration are the benefits received. The benefits could be gained from the intelligent life being contacted beyond Earth and by the human economies on Earth. Space exploration would enhance the economies, because it would open the needs of many jobs. The jobs would be created for people in NASA and other space agencies, also jobs for the companies that produce the metal and other materials needed by the agencies. Space travel plays such a large role in employment that Elizabeth Howell from Universe Today said, “...the space shuttle’s retirement, which prompted a job loss so massive that NASA had a ‘transition strategy’ for its employees and contractors.”(Howell). Also, universities have many researchers and students working on NASA based projects, giving them a pre-look into the demands of the career. Overall, the benefits gained from space exploration would help in the self-preservation the human society. The second important link to space exploration is the funding. The funding for…

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