Impact Of Globalization On Urban Areas Essay

835 Words May 11th, 2015 4 Pages
According to Edward L. Glaeser, the impact of globalization is more visible in the urban industrial areas than in rural areas because it led to bigger cities especially in the third world countries as high rates of job openings, new and better opportunities, improve standard of living, and quality educational system are centralized in urban cities and people as social animals, want greater connectivity in order to be closer to "smart" people and "in" crowd, this globalization impacted these people and reshape their lives to leave rural towns/regions and flock to urban cities due to economic forces such as to seek employment, quality education, better opportunities, and the chance to have a brighter future or better life. Globalization and the birth of new technologies/gadgets, information technology, and other technological change made the world increasingly urbanized because it draws people to cluster in larger cities but what are the positive and negative ramifications of these push-pull phenomenon and people 's massive outward migration to the urban cities? Some positive side of globalization and urbanization that led more people to gravitate towards modern/urban cities are more opportunities for growth, innovations, progress, developments, productivity, comforts and enjoyment, better quality life or better standard of living, better education, and better future. The negative side of globalization and urbanization especially in the third world countries are environmental…

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