Impact Of Globalization On The Us Economy Essay

901 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
The world is globalizing, and the US has been pushing for this for a long time. In this global world power is shifting, and although the US globalized the world, its standing is now falling. Ehrenreich believes that the outsourcing brought on by this globalization is killing the US, but Zakaria believes that it is merely a part of globalization that could make America all prosper. This globalization has changed the world economically, culturally, politically, and in the presence of nationalism, causing large effects on the US.
The globalization of the world has primarily caused large economic changes around the globe, and those changes affect the US in ways that harm its economy. The largest effect that globalization has had on the US economy is outsourcing, when jobs are moved to other countries where labor is cheaper. Ehrenreich believes that this outsourcing is causing the downfall of the United States. She states that, “I just hope that next time some managers get the idea of cost saving through outsourcing they go for the CEO’s job. That’s where the big bucks are” (609). This shows how outsourcing is hurting the working class in the US because those are the jobs being outsourced. Zakaria believes that as the world globalizes things like outsourcing is just a byproduct and that the US economy is still flourishing. Zakaria states, “Economics is not a zero sum game” (621). This means that one economy growing doesn’t mean that another must shrink. This globalization is…

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