Essay on Impact Of Advertising On The City 's Population

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Advertising is everywhere. I think this is especially the case in big cities, hint-hint, we are in London. I am from Lambertville, a small town in Michigan that is located by the border of Ohio, very close to Toledo. Coming from this small town, I was still surrounded by advertising as I grew up. I am not including all the technology based ads that target you on social media and the internet, but I am referring to the old fashion billboard, some of which are now electronic and automated and aren’t so old fashion, posters and signs. When driving on the highway, I would pass these large billboards and within my town, I would see signs at places such as Kroger’s and Walgreen’s advertising products and their companies. You can imagine the massive scale of the advertising when the city’s population is 8.539 million people.
I have been to big cities in the United States, such as Chicago, where fashion is important and it is an industry that makes a lot of money. I recall walking around and seeing models and fashion posted everywhere. These were HUGE pictures of famous models showing off certain brands and products. London is one of the largest fashion capitals of the world, and I am getting to experience what it is like. London’s billboards are similar to those I have seen in America, especially the big cities. I would say the main difference is a focus on local brands or regional trends and styles. I was surprised to fly eight hours to a foreign country on another continent and…

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