Why Did Lincoln Won The Civil War Essay

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Abraham Lincoln had underground activities helped him won the election of 1860s. Because his victory of the election, therefore the independence of the South and the civil war became inevitable. Since the result of the election of 1860s is another major effect than “Slavery”, which means Abraham Lincoln has played important role in the beginning of The Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States, he prevented the separation of the Union and not only won the Civil War, but also brought freedom and emancipation to all the Slaveries in the Untied States. Lincoln was born in a ordinary peasant’s family in Kentucky at Feb 12th 1809, he started to learn how to read and write until he was fifteen years old. He graduated with primary school degree, became a lawyer by studious self-study. At 1841, Lincoln and his friend Holden. Start with 1838, Lincoln applied to because senator more than once but all failed, until 1846, he finally was elected. Lincoln is not fully an abolitionist because in the beginning he think that as long as the U.S. keep as a union he is fine with either slavery or …show more content…
Since the present president James Buchanan was not able to intercede the conflicts between North and South he decided do not join the reappointment, he was from domestic party and even for the domestic party there were two factions so the domestic party from North against slavery and part from South support slavery. After the election of 1856s, the Republican party force grow extremely

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