Immigration Should Be Illegal Essay

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America is one of the greatest countries in the world. One of the reasons that make America so great is the freedom and independence it offers. Having this freedom makes America one of the most sought after counties in the world. There are people left and right who wish to come into the U.S. and get their share of the “American Dream”. Having said this, America fights against illegal immigration on a day-to-day basis. Should we allow immigrants to come into the U.S. to live, or should we put an end to illegal immigration? Immigration causes excessive problems within the U.S. and does nothing but create many more. Illegal Immigration must be stopped. There are many reasons why immigration into the U.S. should be stopped. Population
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“One recent estimate by researchers at the Pew Hispanic Center puts the number of illegal aliens in the workforce at 8 million out of an overall population of 11.2 million illegal aliens”(fairus). Immigrants occupy up to 8 million jobs here in America. Stopping immigration would free these 8 million jobs for actual Americans, which live in the sates. Having these jobs freed would present more of an opportunity for the average, hard working …show more content…
Immigrants are bringing nothing but trouble and crime into our country, downgrading the America. Why would we want to give these people a chance if they are not doing anything to help the cause of our country? Yes, I understand the country they are coming from doesn’t come close to the freedoms of the U.S., but they aren’t helping themselves. Immigrants make up a whole fourth of prisoners incarcerated within the United States. There is something wrong with this picture. Why should we, as Americans, continue to allow immigrants into the U.S. if they cannot leave behind the trials and tribulations they were facing in their previous homeland? America is a place of change, and these immigrants are not changing, but simply starting where they left of in their previous

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