Essay about Immigration Reform ( Trump Act )

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Immigration Reform (TRUMP Act)
America was founded in 1776, and since then immigrants have traveled to America and have created arguably one of the best countries, if not the best in the world. Currently in the new world, immigration is a widely discussed topic among Americans. Illegal immigrants, under a government program, can obtain their residency and be a part of the best country in the world. It’s injustice for children of illegal immigrants to be punish, because they have absolutely no control of the choices their parents of made. The responsibility of immigrant children falls under their parents. Illegal immigrant children should have the same amount of freedom and choice as American children, although there must be specific requirements through a government program so they earn it. Through the Trump Act, children belonging to immigrant families can obtain their residency through attending college or enrolling in the military. America was built and founded by immigrants, “without the generations of immigrants who have come to our shores from every corner of the globe” (Furman). America would not be what it is today.
First off the Trump Act will benefit both immigrants, and citizens by strengthening America’s national defense. “Many of these young people may wish to join the military, and have the attributes needed- education, aptitude, fitness, and moral qualifications. In fact, many are high school diploma graduates, and may have fluent language skills - both in…

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