Immigration : Illegal Immigrants And The Views Of The Immigrants Themselves

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Lately there has been a lot of legislature, mainly in the southern states, regarding illegal immigrants in the workforce. An example of this would be a law that has been passed in Alabama that makes proof of citizenship or legal residency a requirement even for simple things such as garbage pickup, dog licenses and flu shots at county health departments. Some politicians are justifying laws such as these based on the claim that the American unemployment rate is so high in part because illegal immigrants are taking job that unemployed Americans could be doing. Currently one out of every nineteen civilian workers in the United States is undocumented (Gleeson 561). In this paper I will try to explore the types of businesses that employ illegal immigrants, and the views of the immigrants themselves. I will also talk about anti immigration laws and the effects they are having. Immigrants hold jobs in many different fields, but there are a few specific job fields that seem to dominate the immigrant labor force. These fields include the construction, landscaping, and farming jobs. Hondagneu-Sotelo, a Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Southern California, noted this in her article about immigrant workers, “Latino immigrants wind up being exploited in the informal economy because they have low levels of literacy, English fluency, and job skills”(70). All three of the jobs I just mentioned require little to no formal education. These jobs consist of…

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