Bring On More Immigrant Entrepreneurs Analysis

In Shayan Zadeh’s article “Bring on More Immigrant Entrepreneurs,” he advocates the fact that immigrants like himself have a hard time receiving an education with only a student visa. In his work, Zadeh explains the difficulties he has experienced throughout the past 13 years while trying to get an education in which he and his business partner, Alex, had worked hard for. Together they wanted to start their own online dating website called Zoosk. Through his personal experience as an immigrant, Zadeh took on the hardships that came with his identity when trying to start his own business, however, his struggles helped him become an advocate for all immigrants fighting for their American Dream.
American Entrepreneurs face the reality of many
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The problem was Iran had no American Embassy like the US meaning he would have to travel. Zadeh himself writes “It made the college application process look like a breeze by comparison” (Zadeh, Shayan 624). Zadeh’s point is that traveling to Turkey to acquire a visa was much harder than actually submitting paperwork to get accepted into colleges. While in Maryland, Zadeh and Alex decided they wanted to open a business with their technical skills. No business can be founded with a student visa; therefore, their dream would have to wait. A lawyer in Washington D.C. verified that they couldn’t proceed. Nonresidents cannot be granted an H1B visa after establishing a company, therefore, the business partners were given suggestions about opening the business in a different country. Nevertheless, Zadeh did not like this idea. Shayan Zadeh disagrees when he writes “Alex and I considered ourselves American, and we wanted access to the talent, financial banking and opportunities that the U.S. provides” (Zadeh 624). The essence of Zadeh’s argument is that he felt the United States was a good country to start the online dating site because he liked how the economy worked along with access to clever, updated …show more content…
Shayan received a job at Microsoft where he absorbed a lot of information about operating a technology business. The immigration legal team and outside counsel at Microsoft helped Zadeh by advising him to not switch tasks within the corporation while his Labor Certificate was still in progress. Due to the fact Zadeh is from Iran, the company feared he would not be able to re-enter the US if chosen to travel on behalf of certain significant conferences. Finally, Zoosk was founded in 2008, after Zadeh became a permanent resident. At Zoosk, 50 employees were sponsored visas and guided towards the same, provoking the immigration process due to the fact that dozens are not American.
Although the United States is a great place for founding new companies a lot of young and educated people are going to either the United Kingdom or Canada because those countries accept their expertise. The US loses a lot of skilled people because of the tough restrictions in which it presents. Zadeh chose to stay here because he fought for the right of his citizenship. Zadeh believes “…. there’s nowhere better to build a tech company” (Zadeh, Shayan 625). In other words, the writer of this article does not think any other country would fit his needs in founding his online dating site called

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