Immigration Detention Research Paper

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Country: Russia
Committee: UNHCR
Topic: Immigration Detention With the increase of immigrants due to war and extremist groups taking root in the Middle East, many countries have been squeezing past international laws that allow basic human rights for immigrants. Powerful leaders including European countries and the United States have been looked to for support but have mostly responded with hostility, no involvement whatsoever, or unproductive xenophobia. Slow admission processes, detainment without solid evidence, and the prevention of immigrants reaching countries are all results of this problem and a plan of action must be immediately developed to stop the unjust treatment of these people. Russia believes that they have no obligation
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Russia believes America is one of the causes for the increase of immigrants. This may be due to America’s involvement in Syria, with their unsuccessful rebel training program causing more war and refugees, or misplaced people. America’s immigrant processing time is said to take 18 to 24 months and is known for refusing immigrants for access into America as well as detaining suspects without solid evidence or the right to trial. America should find a way to make a more productive, shortened screening for immigrants and enforce the laws that illegalizes the refusing of immigrants. They should also enforce the law that gives immigrants the right to trial. Russia also believes that in order to prevent an increase of companies investing in prisons for immigrants, America should make prisons only country-run, also helping with the issue of the large prison population that includes wrongly jailed immigrants that uses much of America’s funds. Russia also believes Europe should also take some responsibility as capable and nearby areas for refugees as allies of America and should follow some guidelines that Russia has recommended to America …show more content…
As the global scale of poverty increases, children are likely to reach out to this area in desperation of survival. Many human rights groups are against this and are trying to prevent children under the age of 18 from being recruited. Children are also forced into gangs and armed groups, and being part of these groups has shown that these children are abused physically and mentally. Russia has children encouraged to learn how to military arms. They are not forced, but they do have courses available for children to take. Russia believes areas with known recruiting activity should have placed children shelters that provide basic education and food supplies. This should be funded according to the country’s financial state, and the country should also provide forces to protect these shelters. An international law should also be agreed upon that binds the country from recruiting children under a certain age during a time of

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